CARW is a Commercial Information Exchange powered by Catylist. You can get started below!  Choose from the following:

  1. If you already have an account and a username/password, click HERE
  2. If you do not have an Exchange Account or do not know if you have an Exchange account, contact James Bertolli at or phone: 949.306.8767.  If you know you do not have an account, click HERE.
  3.  If you are a CARW Member and have never logged into the system before, instructions may be found HERE.
  4. If you are NOT a CARW Member, Join the Exchange HERE.

Brokers and Researchers loading listings:

  • Download the Wisconsin listings submission spreadsheet HERE.
  • To send listings direct to REDI/Catylist, click HERE

View the benefits handout HERE
Introduction to the new CARW Exchange here: Video recorded live on 01-03-2018