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“Dark Store” Property Tax Assessment Committee Finalized

“Dark Store” Property Tax Assessment Committee Finalized
The Joint Legislative Council voted to approve the proposed membership of the 2018 Legislative Council study committee on Property Tax Assessment Practices. Members of CARW have been engaged on this issue for more than a year. We are pleased that Jeff Hoffman of Cushman & Wakefield/The Boerke Company was selected to serve on the committee along with other elected officials and public members.
The Property Tax Assessment Practices Committee will be more commonly referred to as the ‘Dark Store’ committee and encompasses both the ‘Dark Store’ and ‘Walgreens’ issues. While two bills were written, they were not voted on or passed last legislative session. CARW members have met with bill authors and others about the potential impact that changes to current law would have on commercial real estate.
The committee is charged with meeting over the next few months, studying the topic and coming up with legislative solutions. We hope to bring valuable insight to the diverse and knowledgeable committee.
Legislative Council Study Committee on Property Tax Assessment Practices (the “Dark Store” Committee):
  • Sen. Luther Olsen, chair
  • Rep. Scott Allen, vice chair
  • Rep. Dave Considine
  • Rep. Rick Gundrum
  • Sen. Robert Cowles
  • Sen. Janis Ringhand
  • Ed Catani, Walgreens
  • Jeff Hoffman, Cushman & Wakefield/The Boerke Company
  • Don Millis, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren
  • Jeff Nooyan, Outagamie County Supervisor
  • Amy Seibel, Seibel Law Office
  • Rocco Vita, Village of Pleasant Prairie Assessor
We will continue to keep members informed as progress is made. If you have questions, please contact the Association office.

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