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There are nearly 21,000 businesses and 310,000 jobs located within a 5-mile radius of the I-94 East-West project.

What do business and community leaders have to say about the project?

“As second-generation leaders of what has grown from a small family bakery into one of the nation’s largest frozen pizza companies, we know the importance of smart investment for future success. Designating funds in the 2017-19 budget to keep the East-West project on schedule would be a smart investment for Wisconsin – one that would keep our businesses and our economy strong and provide major benefits for generations to come.” 

~Giacomo Fallucca, President and CEO Palermo’s and Angelo Fallucca, Chief Operating Officer Palermo’s

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“The I-94 East-West Corridor moves hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin people to jobs and Wisconsin products to market every day, playing a vital role as the economic link between Waukesha and Milwaukee counties and the rest of the state. But the 50-year-old roadway is also congested, outdated and unsafe, and its planned 2021 rebuild is now in limbo as lawmakers in Madison continue to work to find ways to fund all the state’s critical transportation needs.”

~J. Michael Mooney, Chairman and Co-Founder of Brookfield-based MLG Capital

“The 3.5 miles of interstate that connects the Zoo Interchange and the Marquette Interchange may be some of the most important real estate in our region when it comes to the efficient movement of goods and people through the corridor. In this hypercompetitive environment, businesses in Waukesha County need every advantage that we as government can provide. Keeping the replacement of this more than 50-year-old segment of interstate on schedule should be a priority in the upcoming state budget.”

~Paul Decker, Chairman Waukesha County Board

“In Wisconsin, most of our interstates were built in the 1950s and 1960s. The undeniable fact of the matter is they have reached the end of their service lives and need to be reconstructed. Because of the cost and massive scope of the undertaking, planning for this effort began more than a decade ago. For the sake of not just the region but the health of the entire state’s economy, they must proceed.”

~Suzanne Kelley, President and CEO Waukesha County Business Alliance

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