Transportation Funding – MU Poll Shows Voter Support

CARW joined the DRIVE coalition in 2016; the group is comprised of groups and individuals advocating for transportation solutions in our State.  DRIVE (Devote Resources Invest for Vibrant Economy) was formed late last year to align transportation advocates around identifying the issues and communicating effectively with legislators, the media and the public.  Transportation and  infrastructure  funding solutions have has been top priorities for CARW over the past two years with members advocating at Commercial Real Estate and Government Day.

The current proposed budget addresses some local road repair issues by allocating existing transportation dollars to local decision makers for repairs and infrastructure spending.  No new funding for increased costs and needs are explored.  In addition, funding for the E/W I-94 Corridor was excluded from the 2017-19 budget.  CLICK HERE for more information on our talking points related to transportation funding.

Last week (March 13-16), Marquette University conducted a poll of registered voters asking questions about issues and politics.  One examined voter thoughts on the budget proposal related to transportation.  In a nutshell, the poll suggests that 83% of registered voters in Wisconsin want the legislature to find the money to fix our roads.  Only 9% support the Governor’s plan to address the problem by delaying projects; the only option voters dislike more than delaying projects is funding them with more bonding.
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