Wisconsin Commercial Data Exchange (WCDE) REDIComps/Catylist Live Demo

How do I send broadcast emails?

How do I input and search listings?

How do I pull marketing reports?

How do I post needs and wants?

Find out on Thursday, February 8th for a Live DEMO with REDIComps CEO Jeremy Bengston and Catylist CIO Allen Benson.  Noon – 1:30 (lunch included)  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

By the numbers:

  • Nearly 900 Exchange Users added throughout the State (reach 900 brokers)
  • 2500 Listings received and being loaded in the system
  • 11,100 Properties loaded in the system
  • 11,900 Spaces loaded in the system
  • 16 Counties are in progress
  • 1 STATEWIDE solution for data/marketing/exchange

….and we have only been at this for THREE WEEKS

Thanks to you this is coming up quickly – learn how to take advantage of the system now and leverage this for your business! 

More information about the platform can be found here:  Click HERE

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